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Copper mining in the Democratic Republic of the Congo mainly takes place in the Copper Belt (Also known as Copper Belt of the World) of the southern Katanga Province of the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The Katanga, or Shaba, copper belt in the DRC is a belt about 70 kilometres wide and 250 kilometres long between Lubumbashi and Kolwezi formed in rocks of the Katanga Supergroup. There are 72 economic deposits of copper/cobalt and four large mining centres. Taken together, the DRC and Zambian copper belts are the second largest global reserve of copper, about 1/3rd the size of the Chile an reserve.

The DRC copper belt includes some of the highest grade copper deposits in the world. In some reserves the grades are above 5%. The ore also has high grades of cobalt and may hold 34% of the world's cobalt reserves. There are large deposits that have yet to be explored using modern technology, so the size of the reserves may be understated. Demand is growing, led by China.

Contains in excess of 10% of the world's known copper resources and about 34% of global cobalt deposits.

DRC as an Investment Destination


Highest grade open pit Copper deposits in the World

New Mining Code 2003 (World Bank)

Newly elected Democratic Government

Significant Multilateral and Bilateral engagements with India

Over $100 billion investment since 2018 for mining projects