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DRC has estimated $24 Trillion Untapped Mineral Resources Including World’s Highest Reserve of Coltan.

Highest Grade Open Pit Copper Deposit In The World.

New Mining Code 2003 (World Bank).

Newly Elected Democratic Government.

Significant Multilateral & Bilateral Engagements With India.

Over $100 Billion Investment Since 2018 For Mining Projects.



COPPER- Second Richest nation with 1/3rd Deposit of Chilean Reserve Size With Highest Grades i.e. Above 5%.

COBALT- 3.5 Million Metric Tons Of Cobalt Ore Which is 85% Of World Reserve.

DIAMOND- Congo’s Diamond Mining Industry Is Worth Estimated $81.4 Billion USD. 25% of World Reserve.

GOLD- $28 Billion Estimated Proven Gold Reserve.

COLTAN- Over 8% of World Reserve Which is Highest in World Which Is Used In Jet to Mobile Phones.

TIN- Hi grade Tin Ore Is Found In DRC.



SAFCO Mining has been operational in the DRC in a town called Likasi 120 km from the capital of Katanga province. This entire area is exceptionally rich in both Copper and Cobalt also known as Copper Belt of the World.

SAFCO Mining has 12 Sq km mine in the Likasi Area with 6 open pit mines.

SAFCO Mining started as a trading company, added an upgrading plant, electric arc furnaces, and finally induction furnaces.

Along with the working concessions currently partnered with, we now have a complete mining solution, from source of raw ore to upgraded concentrate, to final high grade blister through its state of art machinery.

SAFCO has also entered into partnership with Gecamines, a government entity that controls mining and all other mineral wealth, to work on a mining concession 21kms outside Likasi.

SAFCO is in the fortunate position of being able to work with a very low grade of ore because of it’s own concentrator. The jig plant produces an output of over 1500 tons per month. This provides the company with an edge over most others, given the scarcity of higher grade Copper Ore. The jigs allow to generate their own high grade of copper to feed the furnaces and the surplus is sold if not required. It also allows them to feed the furnaces with a much cleaner form of Copper.

SAFCO has access to an ample and constant supply of electricity at the plant, and has their own backup generators.

Employees at SAFCO are already Trained & Experienced.

Due to presence in DRC for more than 15 years, SAFCO has good political & local support.